Kashf 24/7

Bringing House Calls Back!

Kashf provides patients with tools for better medical care, timely delivered. You can call the medical personnel of your choice or ask for medical care whenever you want. The Kashf 24/7 application multiplies the informed choices of the patient while providing time and place convenience. It allows both the patient and the medical service provider to be more efficient and effective at the same time.

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What is Kashf?

  • High Quality Doctors Of Your Choice

  • Upon your request when it’s convenient for you

  • Get a doctor right now when you need one most

  • Within your budget

  • You may call or get the doctor right to your front door

  • Pay with cash or credit

When To Use Kashf?

  • When you’re sick
    • Kashf helps you get a doctor right away, right when you need one most.

  • When you're not feeling well
    • Don't wait to see the doctor until you're sick. Get a check-up t in the comfort of your home.

  • When you need a second opinion
    • When you’re facing a new medical diagnosis, it’s common to feel confused. Making decisions can be very difficult, especially when you need to choose between several treatment options. How do you know you have been diagnosed correctly or are making the right treatment choices? It makes sense to get a second opinion.

  • When you need a reliable doctor of your choice right now
    • If you need to check or understand more or even double check and you are short of time, you may call or get your doctor right now without waiting lists.

Watch amazing features of the Kashf in action



Use your time flexibly and effectively, in your field, wherever you are. Your time is as precious to us as it is to you. We will provide you with patients at your convenience. The rest is for you to achieve.


If you are running a hospital or a medical center, we will multiply and diversify your access to patients, you will be able to receive paid calls and/or deliver home visits at your preset rate and/or receive appointments to your clinics round the clock with no extra cost. We will market your brand to your future patients. You will earn more with the same resources.

About Us

Kashf 24/7 for medical services is an Egyptian company with limited liability under trading investment record 0233335530

Contact Us

The medical adviser of Kashf 24/7 is Dr. Wael Lotfy